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  In remembrance of Gallaudet 76
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In Remembrance of Gallaudet Class 76

In Remembrance

Below is a list of classmates who have died.
Please check it out and see if we have overlooked anyone. If so, please let Vicki Lowen know.

Genaro N. Abenchanan

Michael L. Ackles

Ricky Thomas Baldi

Anacleto R. Battad

George Bonkowsky

Timothy Burke

Thomas Chidichimo

Mary Lou Denise Conte

Gregory Clark

Virginia R. (Pusser) Culpepper

Gerald W. DeCoursey

Cecelia C. (Niesluchowski) Drebenstedt

Terry K. Engleman

Ralph M. Esquival

Brenda Jean Fairfax

Steven Flaten

Mary Lou Harbison

Katherine M. Hoglund

James Humphrey

Robert B. Imme

Cynthia Satenig Jeffrey

Dennis Kozak

Randi (Smiley) Kreiner

James E. Litchfield Jr.

Mary Katherine McCoy

Stella L. Miles

Ted Miles

George L. Mock Jr.

Wayne R. Monroe

John Edward Nelson

Jean Noling

Don George Pettingill

David E. Rabinowitz

Michael A. Reimer

Cecelia E.S. Saddler (Scales)

Carl Schroeder

Bradley Shaw

Gary Stingley

John Bernard Tracey

Priscilla Vinci

Ilene Bonnie (Liebman) Youngs

Michael Woodford

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