Our 45th anniversary Gallaudet Class of 1976 Reunion

October 21-23, 2021

Greetings from Gally Class of 1976!

Here is a list of Class 76 members profile. This is temp. Still working on new form...

Last Name    First Name    Enrolled    Departed Gally    Major    Occupation    Comment    Date Posted
Crank    Lynn    1971-08-28    1976-08-28    French       N/A    2017-01-22
Boyd    Cheryl    1972-08-24    1977-05-04    Sociology / Social Work    Outreach Specialist (now Retired)       2016-10-25
Johnson    Mark    1971-08-25    1975-05-18       Retired Teacher (MN State Academy of the Deaf)    We couldn’t come to celebrate with you. We’re sure that you’ll have a blast. We had a plan to celebrate our youngest son’s birthday in Sioux Falls, SD. Next time we hopefully will come. = Remarried in June 1982 to Linda (IL-78) & continued my Masters in McDaniel College (formerly WMC) until Aug. 1982. I got a teaching job at Arkansas School for the Deaf two days before completing my Masters in ED. = Prior to graduate school in WMC, Taught 2 years in ASL I and II at Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL.. = Taught 33 years in the field of Deaf Education. Retired on June 2015 at Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (23 yrs.), DHH program in Minneapolis School District (4 yrs.), new West Tennessee School for the Deaf (2 yrs.), and Arkansas School for the Deaf (4 yrs.). = Below is my family picture. Linda as a stay at home Mom and I have 4 children. 4 children behind us are Chad (age 27), Kenneth (17), Amy (30) and Daisy (20). Daisy is the only hearing adult.    2016-10-27
Malcolm    Richard    1971-08-15    1976-05-17    Mathematics    High School Teacher    Have been married to Alicia for 39 years. Two daughters: (1) Alvina 29 years old - hearing. She\'s an interpreter in Louisiana. (2) Olivia 25 years old - deaf. She graduated in 2013 from Gallaudet. She\'s now a first-year ASL specialist at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind. I am currently a high school math teacher at my Alma Mater - the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.    2016-10-17
Myers (Culas)    Eleanor    1971-08-25    1976-05-19          Graduated and served teaching in Malaysia for two years at Ibrahim Fikri High School. Married to a US man in 1980. Settled in US and Raised two girls. Then entered in workplace at Charles County Department of Social Services, MD. Spouse passed away in 2014 after a long illness. Became a grandmother of six children. Met a wonderful guy and decide to retire this December. Will retire this December after 22 years.    2016-10-17
McLaughlin    Linda    1972-08-15    1976-05-19    Physical Education    Teacher    Happily married of 18 years and 4 grandsons, age 9, 7 and 6 months old twin boys.    2016-10-16
Mitchell    Leonard    1971-08-25    1978-05-15    Social Work    Special Services Supervisor       2016-10-12
Desrosiers    Gregory    1971-08-25    1976-05-15    History    Teacher and Pastor    We have been married happily for 37 years. We are a childless family.    2016-09-30
Haring    Donald    1971-08-25    1976-05-15    Mathematics & Psychology    ASL Professor    Pass this info to GUAA    2016-09-16
Cripps (Stephens)    Joanne    1971-08-01    1972-05-15    Liberal Arts    Executive Director       2016-09-14
Fishbein    Nancy    1971-08-25    1976-06-21          Hi fellows 76ers i left but came back and finished school in \'81 but my best memory was when i attended in \'71 and belonged to class of \'76. i am still working as a pharmacy tech, going on 34 years (yup got to go when the going is good !) simply love long walks,some good reads and visiting family(MSD in MD) as much as i can. Hail to the 76ers    2016-09-10
Matthews-Bonner    Mary    1971-06-02    1976-07-01    Economics    Dept of Education - CA Retired    Children: David - 46; Patrick - 44; Aaron - 43; Tami - 38; 12 grandchildren    2016-08-31
Shahady    Debbie    0000-00-00    0000-00-00          Wished to join some of you retirees but still \"teaching\" my 34th year. Work as an itinerant teacher with Los Angeles County Office of Education serving hard of hearing students ages 4 to 18. Am a dog mom to Socks, a 7 year old terrier mix. He gets around scooting and with his wheels and his sister, Sasha, a rescued chocolate Chihuahua. In my spare time I read, work in my yard, garden and travel when I can. Looking forward to retiring soon!!!??? : )    2016-08-30
Lowen    Vicki    1969-08-25    1977-05-01    Business Administration    Supply Program Management    Children: Sarah (28 years old) and Daniel (25 years old) I am a passionate advocate for the Deaf community. I was an activist for the Deaf rights and looked for different ways to work around the system. I started volunteering with various organizations in my early twenties. As President of IRS Deaf organization, I pursue opportunities(equal access, mentoring, networking events, motivational speaker, resources, training, and career advancement). I enjoy traveling over 40 countries, hence I love learning their cultures, perspectives and values.    2016-08-28
Desrosiers    Gregory Phillip    1971-08-25    1976-05-15    History    Teacher / Pastor    Spouse: Linda Gregory has been teaching secondary Social Studies classes at two different deaf schools: Iowa School for the Deaf for fourteen years (1979-1993) and twenty one years at British Columbia School for the Deaf (1996 to date). He was a doctoral student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for two years (1993-1995) before he moved back to his native country, Canada in 1995 to teach adult education at Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Manitoba for one year. Voluntarily, he is an associate pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church of the Deaf since he was graduated from the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri in June 2012 and was ordinated at his home church, St. Luke Lutheran Church in June 2013. His wife Linda is a retired teacher since 2013, but she is a full-time deaconess to serve Deaf community. They have been married for thirty seven years and have no children.    2016-08-28
Rodell (Games)    Deborah    1971-08-26    1972-05-10    Sociology    Retired    Married with 3 children, 9 grandchildren & 3 great-grandchildren. Sold our houseboat of 14 years in KY. & moved to N.C. (June 6, 2016)    2016-08-18
Lefors (Barbour)    Peggy Lee    1971-08-13    1976-12-18    Sociology       Hello 76ers! Miss you all    2016-08-11
Desrosiers    Gregory Phillip    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    History    Teacher / Pastor    No children    2016-06-24
Hall    Ronald    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    Physical Education    Semi-retired / Teaching York University       2016-08-03
Jacobowitz    E Lynn    1971-08-15    1976-05-04          Two daughters, Eve (18) and Anna (16.5).    2016-06-24
Rodell (Games)    Deb    1971-08-25    1971-08-25          Just move to NC. 3 children; 9 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; Life is good    2016-06-22
Longo    Steve    1971-08-25    1976-12-15    Sociology Research    Senior System Technician    Original member of 76 class and founded the Funk, the first and the only deaf rock band in the world and it all started at Gallaudet.. Currently employed at Lawrence Livermore National Lab for the past 29 yrs and still counting. Has kid(s). My finance Nancy Mitchell and I will come to 40th Anniversary Reunion.    2016-06-10
Munch (Salberg)    Bunnie    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    Home Economics    Teacher       2016-06-02
Munch    Paul    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    Physical Education    Child Care Counselor       2016-06-02
Rodell (Games    Deb    0000-00-00    0000-00-00          3 children, 9 grandchildren and soon 3 great grandchildren!    2016-05-06
Weinstock    Robert    1972-08-20    1977-05-15    Psychology    Manager, Enrollment Communications    Married for 22 years to Dr. Judith L. Mounty; two daughters, Ludmila (deaf, 30 years old, graduate of Gallaudet University, Class of 2010; employed at Texas School for the Deaf), and Hannah Jo (hearing, 21 years old, graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana).    2016-05-02
Bonner (Matthew)    Mary    0000-00-00    0000-00-00    Home Economics    Retired       2016-04-23
Mebust    Lanny    1971-07-01    1976-05-15    Computer Mathematics       Spouse: Tracy (Abbott) Children: Elisheva, Ben, Ahavah, Daniel Mebust and Joshua Barron.    2016-03-19
Johnson    Mark    1971-08-25    1976-05-16    History    Retired teacher    Spouse: Linda Children: Amy, Chad, Daisy & Kenneth Not sure of exact date of enrolled.    2016-03-17
Mitchell    Len    1971-07-01    1978-05-15    Social Work    Supervisor, Special Services    Spouse: Christine No children I was a member of Class of 1976. I left Gally for one year and come back to graduate in 1978. My heart still belongs to Class of 1976    2016-03-17
Myers (Culas)    Eleanor    1971-08-15    1976-05-15    Psychology / Social Worker    Services Office Clerk       2015-12-31
Cundy    Rob    1971-08-15    1976-05-15    Physical Education    Teacher       2015-12-13
Boyd    John 'Phil'    1972-08-24    1975-12-05    Business Adminstration    Minister, ASL Instructor    SYLVYA BOYD CLASS OF 75; 2 SONS; 2 DAUGHTERS; 9 GRANDCHILDREN    2015-12-07
Fitch    Paula    0000-00-00    0000-00-00          I left in 1973 and did not graduate. No career for me!    2015-04-30
Collins    Roy    1971-08-31    1975-12-18    Psychology    Retired    I am retiring since 2010 after worked as Civil Engineering Technican with Arlington County Government in Virginia for 25 years. I have been enjoyed retiring.    2015-03-31
Myers (Culas)    Eleanor    1971-08-18    1976-05-15    Psychology / Social Work    Office Clerk       2014-10-30
Scharff (Denman)    Lynn    1971-08-18    1975-12-21    Biology    Research Biologist       2014-10-30
Longo    Steve    0000-00-00    0000-00-00          System administrator at Lawrence Livermore National Lab for 27 years and performs with Beethoven\'s Nightmare group for 14 yrs now. A avid motorcyclist for over 40 years.    2014-10-30
Thomas    Karen    1971-06-13    1971-12-15       Retired       2014-07-12
Harbison    Charles    1971-08-15    1975-12-20    Psychology    Educator    My wife, Marilyn Jacobs Harbison, Gally Cl of 1977 - My daughter, Candi Harbison, Gally Cl of 2009    2014-06-28
Harbison    Charles    1971-08-25    1976-05-15    Psychology    Retired Teacher    Wife and I retired with thirty years of service each from the Illinois School for the Deaf. Our son works for FedEx. Our daughter is Assistance Principal Lousiana School for the Deaf. We are landlord of few properties. This is our retirement hobby.    2015-06-21
Munn (Gorczyca)    Angela    1971-06-06    1972-05-06       Teacher       2014-06-05
Gilmore (Hunsucker)    Cynthia    1971-06-15    1974-05-01       Teacher    Married to Thomas Gilmore and has four sons. Being enjoying as a retired teacher and loves to read books and research on spiritual maturity and many more!    2014-06-04
Haring    Donald    1971-06-15    1976-05-15    Mathematics / Psychology    ASLInstructor    Hello! See you at Gally this summer.    2014-06-04
Kuglitsch    Patricia    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    Psychology    Special Assistant to the CEO       2014-06-04
Rogers (Burns)    Mary    1971-08-26    1971-12-18       Retired    I uprooted Florida after 45 years and moved to North Carolina where I now live with my second husband Edward. I enjoy his two daughters and four grandkids who call me Nana. Edward is retired from IBM since 2002, and I retired last year from teaching ASL at colleges as adjunct instructor. We have enjoyed traveling and fundraising for some organizations such as DSA2015 in Asheville.    2014-06-02
Scott    Dennise    1971-08-26    1976-05-15    Sociology       Graduated BS and MS from Springfield College - Springfield, Massachusetts Have two sons    2014-05-10
Wallace    Susan    1971-06-15    1976-05-18    Psychology          2014-05-10
LeFors (Barbour)    Peggy Lee    1971-08-20    1976-12-18    Sociology    Paster-Wife / ASL Instructor    Prefer Facebook over pager. We have 3 children & 3 grandchildren. Love love love them...    2014-05-10
Burton (Knox)    Cynthia    1971-06-01    1976-05-18    Sociology/Social work    US Government    I am happily married to Mr. Steven Burton, we have two children (grown-ups) Kris Linn and Rachel Kay.    2014-05-09
Watson    Ken    1971-06-16    1972-05-18       Clerk-Postal Service       2014-05-09
Cundy    Rob    1971-08-15    1976-05-18    PE    PE Teacher       2014-05-09
Collins    Roy    1971-08-15    1976-06-18          Spouse: Linda Stoltz No children Linda and I are proud to announce that we are engaged to marry in near future. I work with Arlington County Government for over 21 years as Civil Engineering Technician IV after gradudated from NTID in 1983 and also graduated from Gally in Dec.'75.    1976-06-18
Cripps (Stephens)    Joanne    1971-08-15    1976-06-17          Spouse: James Children: Yes JOANNE CRIPPS, a proud mother of two children Jason and Jeri and a grandma to Lyon, is Co-Director of the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, a project of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf(CCSD). She has been successful with initiatives and spearheaded the development of the first animated ASL Dictionary for Kids prototype designed for Grade K-2, featured in Mediacaster Magazine, March 4, 2009. She has obtained with collaboration several million dollars in grants to expand ASL literacy development and was instrumental for the development of the ASL Parent-Child Mother Goose program. Joanne received the Founders Order of Honour, highest award ever presented by CCSD as well as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, 2003 for her significant contributions. She is author of "Quiet Journey: Understanding the Rights of Deaf Children" , 2000. CCSD’s deafplanet.com project was featured on Media Television, Toronto Star, MacLean's Magazine, Vancouver Sun and Standard Scene Magazine and has received awards such as Gemini Awards nominees, twice in a row, World Summit Award and NHK Japan Prize Grand Finalist. DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is being featured as one of ten best designs in Canada in the Canadian Interiors Magazine for architects.    1976-06-17
Davis-Shelton    Madie    1971-08-15    1976-06-16          Spouse: David Children: Yes Hi everyone! I still live in Maryland. I am a social worker for DC Dept of Mental Health Services at 35 K Street NE. I have been married to David Shelton for 28 years. We have two gorgeous daughters- Jacqueline, 25 and Karina, 22. We can share more when we all meet together during the Reunion weekend!    1976-06-16
Davis-Talley    Yvonne    1971-08-15    1976-06-15          Spouse: Willard No children I am still teaching High School Mathematics (NY Regents: Advanced Math, Algebra, General Math, etc. at my alma mater,Fanwood for 32 years. I am honestly telling you that I am not ready to retire!! Enjoy working with HS students!!! Been married to Willy for nearly 22 years. We enjoy traveling during our vacations. I am looking forward to celebrating with you all for the special weekend!!!    1976-06-15
Craig    Doleac    1971-08-15    1976-06-14          Spouse: Sarah Burton-Doleac Children: Yes Through thick and thin, good and bad, I have nothing but good memories of the Class of 76'    1976-06-14
Huffstater    Gary    1971-08-15    1976-06-13          Spouse: Janene Wright E79 Children: Yes I still live in Maine for 28 yrs and work for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as Computer Specialist. Plan to retire in 2008. My two grown children, Ruby and Jonerik. I was divorced 24 1/2 marriage to Janene Wright from Canada. I am independent single.    1976-06-13
Huntley (Gallop)    Elizabeth    1971-08-15    1976-06-12          Spouse: Harold "Buddy" Children: Yes It has been approximately 35 or more years since I saw you all last. I left Gally in 1972 to marry the love of my life, Buddy Huntley. We have been married 38 years and produced two beautiful children, Son Barry and daughter Rosemary. They are now fully grown and married with children of their own. They blessed us with five grandchildren, four boys and one girl! We couldn't be a proud and doting grandparents :=) I am still teaching ITP in my 17th year at Scott Community College. I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1994 with a bachelor's of science degree in Deaf Ed. We regret we cannot attend this fall's reunion. However, we hope to attend the 40th anniversary as I should be retired by that time. Do have a great reunion. Long live the 76ers. Elizabeth and Buddy Huntley :=)    1976-06-12
Lentz (Slater)    Alyce    1971-08-15    1976-06-11          Children: Yes A lot had happened since our reunion in 2001. I became widowed 19 September 2005. My faith in God has helped me and my 3 sons through this, along with awesome support from wonderful "villages" all over. I met a wonderful man, David Reynolds, in April and we are now an item. He will be with us at the reunion. I look forward to seeing you all!!    1976-06-11
Lyles (Jenkins)    Diane    1971-08-15    1976-06-10          Spouse: Ric-Olin Children: Yes I have three grown up children and am proud of them that they are having their careers. My oldest son, Chris graduated from U of Washington last December. He is full time free lance interpreter and part time consultant with Intergral. Katie is full time interpreter with ZVRS agency and enjoy her two daughters (Bella, 9 and Mallory, 3). Nick is busy working as a full time computer technician at the bank. My husband Ric is retired since 2008. He enjoys his life here and have a dog to keep him company. I am currently working as an ASL teacher at a private school (Shattuck-St. Mary's School).    1976-06-10
Pizzacalla (Wojcik)    Helen    1971-08-15    1976-06-09          Spouse: Mario Children: Yes After graduating with a B.S in Business Administration from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. in 1976, Helen Pizzacalla had her start as a computer programmer/analyst in St. Catharines, Ontario. In 1992 she decided to return to school to pursue a career in Deaf education, and received a diploma from York University's Deaf Education Programme. Since then, Helen has been a high school teacher at the E.C. Drury School for the Deaf in Milton.
Aside from her work, Helen is passionate about the Deaf community. She served as President of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf from 1997 to 2010, was heavily involved with founding the Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto's Distillery District in 2006, and participated as a Deaf mentor in Deaf Women Leadership Training, a project of the Canadian Association of the Deaf from 2009 to 2010. Helen was also a course director for York University's Deaf Studies course from 2006 to 2008.
Helen is happily married with two children and enjoys traveling. Helen and her husband Mario have enjoyed entertaining audiences with their well-known comedic performances over the years.
Rinas (Jones)    Hazel    1971-08-15    1976-06-08          Children: Yes    1976-06-08
Rodell (Games)    Deb    1971-08-15    1976-06-07          Spouse: Ray Children: Yes Sold everything we own to live eight months in the houseboat on Lake Cumberland and four months in the motor home (Snowbirds). Love my sweet adorable husband, Ray and our 7 grandchildren. Will go on a cruise to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Add scrapbook as one of my hobbies.    1976-06-07
Rowan (Freeman)    Ruth    1971-08-15    1976-06-06          Children: Yes I work as Overnight REP-Redsident Eucation Parentat MSD(Mississippi School for the Deaf)Jackson,MS. For 16 half years, I work three different positions. My husband, Tommy is retired and always gone for hunting for about for three months away from home about 45 miles. He ususaly comes home on first weekend of each month. My only daughter, Olivia become a young lady and is very busy as the Statewide interpreter about for 1 and half years. She has been enjoyed that job. Tommy and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary. We have two cats.    1976-06-06
Scott    Dennise    1971-08-15    1976-06-05          Children: Yes I have two sons who are 19 and 15 years old. I finally finished with my school (Bachelor of Science-December, 2003 and Master of Science - May, 2005). I am ASL teacher (full time) at the College of Holy Cross, Deaf Interpreter (freelance) and Sorenson Installer/Trainer. We live in Monson, Massachusetts for 9 years in November. We love here very much.    1976-06-05
Shahady    Debbie    1971-08-15    1976-06-04          Debbie has resided in southern California for 20 years now. Lives in Riverside with two boy doggies, Shilo and Socks. Employed with Los Angeles Office of Education as an DHH Itinerant Teacher to hard of hearing students age 4 through 22 who attend regular or special day classes in Compton. Hobbies are reading, gardening, and walking the dogs.    1976-06-04
Swiatkowski    Ann Marie    1971-08-15    1976-06-03          Children: Yes After my husband passed away 11 years ago and I started working as a part time bookkeeper. I am a grandma of 2 granddaughters and a grandson. Still live in Centreville, VA. My son and family are in Florida now. God is so good and faithful! Thank you God for Jesus in my heart!    1976-06-03
Whited    Katherine    1971-08-15    1976-06-02       Retired teacher    Spouse: John Children: Yes I retired teaching at Indiana School for the Deaf for 33 years in June. My children, Colin and Ann, are student at GU (classes of 2012 and 2013). I presently work as DRM (Deaf Role Model) part time and volunteer at a several organizations and enjoy the adventures of learning!    1976-06-02
Young    Sharon    1971-08-15    1976-06-01       Semi-retired    Children: Yes I have lived in Colorado for almost 24 years. I have two beautiful daughters named ShaShonie and Kwani Star. Right now I am semi-retired and do work out alot and ride my motorcycle often.    1976-06-01

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